The Andromeda Strain (1971) Part 4,5,6

Michael Chrichton原作の、宇宙病原体もののSF。この映画は女性科学者が登場する映画としてはかなり初期のもの。




制作年 : 1971年

制作国 : アメリカ

ジャンル : 洋画 / SF / ミステリーサスペンス

品番 : UJRD-36829

原題 : The Andromeda Strain

制作 : ロバート・ワイズ

脚本 : ネルソン・ギディング

原作 : マイケル・クライトン

収録時間 : 131分

メーカー : ユニバーサル・ピクチャーズ・ジャパン

音声仕様 : 英:モノラル

Robert Wise used a single set to create Wildfire's color-coded corridors, repainting it for scenes that take place on the different levels. Wise would use this trick again in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. When filming the scene where Dr. Ruth Levitt has an epileptic seizure due towatching a blinking red light, care had to be taken when choosing the frequency of the blinking, so it was the least likely frequency to induce seizures among susceptible viewers in the theater audience.

The cast of characters in the novel was modified for the film, most notably by changing the male Dr. Peter Leavitt in the novel into a woman, Dr. Ruth Leavitt. Screenwriter Nelson Gidding suggested the change to Wise, who at first was not enthusiastic, as he initially pictured the sex-changed Dr. Leavitt as a largely decorative character reminiscent of Raquel Welch's character in the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage. When Gidding explained his take on Leavitt, Wise resolved the question in an appropriately scientific way by asking the opinion of a number of scientists, who were unanimously enthusiastic about the idea. Eventually Wise came to be very happy with the decision to make Leavitt female, as Kate Reid's Dr. Leavitt turned out to be, in his words, "the most interesting character" in the film.  Another minor change was the character of Burton in the novel, who became Charles Dutton in the film; no reason was given for this name change.
A young Michael Crichton makes a cameo appearance in a non-speaking role during the scene where Dr. Hall is told to break scrub because he has to report to Wildfire, the government's secret underground research facility.


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